Kaiser Chiefs – Coming Home

Aside from the fact Ricky Wilson has somehow transformed himself from a slightly overweight, mostly uncool lead singer into a handsome and much less annoying (but still fairly arrogant) ‘star’ of The Voice, I still sort of wanted not to like this single. Not least because of the aforementioned somewhat desperate attempt to cling into any sort of career by appearing on reality TV (see Kylie, Cheryl for examples) but 14 year old me still remembers the day my excitement was shattered when I met Kaiser Chiefs and was absolutely disappointed when it turned out Wilson was nothing more than an arrogant singer that had already gotten too big for his boots.

That said and although Coming Home, if nothing else, it is ridiculously catchy.  Although it may not be a game changer for the band, the track will perfectly fill a headline spot as the closing song at a festival this summer and even in his new found judging fame, Wilson has never shied from his Leeds roots. Coming Home does feel like he is doing just that. Yes, the track itself is no cooler than any of it’s predecessors but it does get stuck in your head and I actually don’t think I mind it being there. There isn’t a drastic difference between Coming Home and singles like Ruby in the way of structure; both spend a little too long repeating the chorus and less time on the versus which are have the potential to be the best parts were they allowed to blossom a little more.

While Wilson’s abilities as a front man have never been doubted, he isn’t the strongest lyricist but he delivers the versus’ perfectly before the chorus kicks in which unfortunately has been tad over worked; I know he doesn’t necessarily claim to have the best voice but it sounds like he is trying to force an air of rock n’ roll to the track and Kaiser Chiefs have never screamed effortless to me.

I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t listened to it every day this week on my way to work but that’s partly because it’s on a playsuit I can’t be bothered to change and hey, James Arthur’s on the list so who am I to judge?! That said, he is a mega babe now so I wouldn’t mind meeting again if he was to prove 14 year old me wrong…

‘Coming Home’ is officially released March 31 as the first official single to be lifted from their forthcoming new album Education, Education, Education & War.


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