Fatherson – I Like Not Knowing

ImageScottish beauties Fatherson (then Energy!) first caught my attention in April 2009 when I reviewed their debut EP. It is probably an understatement to say that I fell in love with them immediately and just short of two years later I found myself reviewing their sold out gig at King Tut’s Summer Nights in July 2011. Even in that short space of time Fatherson had made an impact and I remember standing at that gig, feeling like I had found something special; a sort of special I wanted everyone to appreciate but also a sort of special I wanted to keep all to myself.

Now, two and a half years on from that moment Fatherson are making waves again with the release of their new single ‘I Like Not Knowing‘ and the announcement of their debut album ‘I Am An Island.’

I Am An Island‘ is set to be released on 7th April and if the new single is anything to go by, you should be absolutely excited about what is to come. Much in the same fashion as their most recent work, ‘I Like Not Knowing‘ is a punchy little number with a gloriously catchy chorus. Sod the chorus though, this single will have you singing by the time the first verse is over because as always Ross Leighton’s lyrics are not only written to perfection but sung so graciously. Up tempo, feisty drumming and some scratchy, yet anthemic guitar back him to create a beautifully formed single that I just cannot wait to see played live.


I just know this time, (yeah, I have said it every time, but I am right this time) this is the start of something. I will begrudgingly share them with you now, but I will always remind you I was there in 2009 because there is still a part of me that wants them all to myself…

You can listen to Fatherson’s new single on Soundcloud here.
Don’t miss out on this golden oldie though.

Photo: Emily Wylde


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