Good Juju: Current Obsession

Ahh, summer is here! That initial excitement of escaping the winter blues soon wears off though as my annual realisation that I am very slightly ginger, will probably never get a natural tan, will get very hot, bothered and burnt and should probably shave my legs and paint my toe nails rears its ugly head (in the rare occasion that we might actually get some proper sun). However, this year Juju are doing a real good job of convincing me that summer is fun and that I actually, probably do need about 10 new pairs of shoes…

The 90’s are back! A phrase I never imagined I would say with such utter delight as, to be frank, I looked absolutely appauling in the 90’s but my wonky teeth and freckles were more to blame than the clothes. One childhood favourite though, was the Juju jelly shoe and guess who’s back!

There are infinite reasons to love the jelly shoe and here are my top five so if you aren’t convinced already, you should be by the end – hey if they can make me like summer they must be pretty good, huh?

1. They come in a huge range of colours (including the super cool clear glittery ones you probably used to have!)

2. They come in an even bigger range of styles from heels to flats, smart to casual and sandals to wellies…

3. They are really, really comfy – especially in hot weather as the plastic stretches with your foot.

4. There is a style to go with pretty much anything.

5. They’re fucking awesome.

UK Stocklists: Urban Outfitters, ASOS, Office, New Look.


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