BABESHADOW – Lonely Morning

“Open-hearted calypso-style beautiful pop songs.” – Florence Welch

Before I get down to the nitty gritty, let’s just assess two things about London based duo, Babeshadow. Number one, they are good friends with Florence Welch (yes, still massively girl crushing) and she has aired her admiration for their music – regardless of the huge bias that they’re close, anything Flo likes, I am pretty much game for i.e I was roughly 98% sold before even pressing play (just one of the reasons I got a degree in music journalism…hmm). Important fact number two, LOOK HOW GOOD THEY LOOK IN THOSE HATS.

Okay, that’s the serious stuff out of the way so let’s get down to business…

Having started out as childhood friends, practising their craft busking across the streets of Europe Tom Cawte and David Thornley have come a long way since quickly naming themselves after a T-Rex track before a chance support slot with Pete Doherty. Since the release of their debut EP ‘Sea Serpents’ on LuvLuvLuv Records, Babeshadow have landed themselves gigs at Glastonbury and supporting Mystery Jets, The Drums and Florence and The Machine before performing BBC radio sessions for Rob Da Bank and Steve Lamacq, and headlining their own UK and Italian tours.

Having spent the last year in their homemade studio in East London, writing and recording their full length debut (and squeezing in a string of live shows supporting Crystal Fighters) Babeshaw are set to return the month with their new single ‘Lonely Morning’ – out 29th. It’s a cheerful, janglely number which instantly sucks you in. It’s one of those tracks that you will try and sing along to regardless of the fact that this is the first time you’re hearing it and while it’s nothing spectacular in terms of doing something mind-blowing or different, it is kind of really hard not to like. I am tempted to use the phrase ‘easy listening’ but for fear of making them sound like Coldplay (or worse) I will say it is an unchallenging listen but by no means boring – if you’re as hooked as me, you are guaranteed to replay at least ten times before considering anything else. If this is a reliable taste of what’s to come on the album then it’s set to be the soundtrack to a lot of folk’s summer. With ‘Lonely Morning’ playing, the sun out and a cold cider in your hand, I can’t really see how anything could go wrong.

Listen to ‘Lonely Morning’ here.



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