8 Easy Trends for Summer ’13

1. The Jelly Shoe – This first one isn’t going to please everybody. My mum for one thinks they are hideous and shuddered when I even mentioned that I might buy some. Why? She will remember them as the tacky shoe from my childhood that I probably couldn’t walk in properly. I, on the other hand, remember them my first official heels with a handy storage place for Polly Pockets (hope that wasn’t just me?) and so I am delighted they are acceptable again and I can re-live my youth. Plus, teamed with some frilly socks (told you I was full convinced, see previous blog) they look ultra cute with a summer dress.

2. High Waisted 80s/90s Style Jeans – This style actually does bugger all for my body shape but turned up at the bottom with a pair of chunky boots and a crop top they look effortlessly 90s. Best if you have a boyish frame with skinny hips (exactly what I do not have).

3. Dr Martens – I have always loved Dr Martens but these are featured partly because I finally got my hands on some this weekend and also because they are everywhere at the moment. They are always going to be around (a definite wardrobe staple for adding edge to any outfit) and despite being a super heavy shoe, summer ’13 is all about 90s grunge so pop them on with a pretty dress – dare you!

4. Chunky Chain Necklace – This has to be the easiest piece to wear this summer. Stick a chunky necklace with pretty much anything to add a statement. If you’re feeling bold try a neon coloured chain for extra oomph!

5. The Dungaree – Another blast from my childhood and I will admit I wasn’t instantly convinced about this one…until I tried some on and remember how bloody comfy they are! I am yet to officially own any as I am having trouble finding some that fit properly (downside of the all in one and having odd proportions) but they have some be added to everyones summer wish list. They’re great with or without tights – just choose a top for underneath and you’re good to go.

6. The Neon Clutch – I love a bit of neon but there is definitely a trick to it. Too much can be an absolute disaster and too little just doesn’t make the statement. A neon clutch bag with a simple black or white outfit is the perfect way to rock the trend this summer.

7. Circular Sunglasses – This summer is all about the statement sunglasses and circular ones with definitely make heads turn. I know a few people that can’t stand them but I can’t get enough of them (3 pairs and counting…)

8. Daisy Print – Love, love, love. The perfect solution to a feminine look with that 90s edge. Add fishnets and some Dr Martens for a grungier look or chuck the tights and add jelly shoes/brogues and some cute socks for a girlier look!

1. Urban Outfitters £28, 2. Topshop £40, 3. Dr Martens £100, 4. River Island £12, 5. Motel £55, 6. Topshop £14, 7. Topshop £16, 8. Motel £40


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